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Project Peale: Historical Images of Peale

Updated: 01/10/02

Various Peale People have forwarded historical images of Peale and the surrounding area, including Grassflat and the local coal mines. This page will continue to expand to include more historical images of Peale. Thanks to Robert Anderson, Jeff Feldmeier, and Charmaine for their efforts in providing and/or scanning these images. Please do not copy these images without contacting the individual who provided the image.

Contact me if you have any historical images of the Peale area you would like to contribute to this page: jbkrygie@cc.owu.edu

Images of Viaduct Bridge

From Tom Anderson (tomacat@csrlink.net)

This set of images of the Viaduct Bridge and area around it were taken around 1910 to 1920. The people in the images are unknown - if you know, please let us know.

Images of Peale and the Coal Mines

From Robert Anderson

The photo (above) is of students at the Peale Grammar school. My Dad was the teacher. His name Allen T. Butler. As I remember hearing, he taught there from l912 to l916. Then Mr. Robert Sommerville, who had something to do with the mines at Peale, persuaded him to come work for him as an advisor and chauffeur. Mr. Sommerville held some sort of government office and my Dad would drive him to Washington and Harrisburg. My Dad taught all eight grades. He would run from Winburne every morning, build a fire and at the end of the day, clean up so it would be ready for the next day. It would be so interesting if there were still some of these students living. I figure the 1st graders would be about 84 or 85 now. (from "Dick and Kathy" [dikair@pa.net])

From Jennifer Ertmer (avonlady@netphd.net)

I scanned this photo in and have numbered my family members for identification purposes.

Allow me to introduce you to my ancestors:

1. Albert Eld, born 1886 in Peale, Pa --died 1908, Grassflat, PA
2. Anton W. Eld, born 1888, Peale, PA -- died 1910, Greensburg, PA
3. Karl August Eld born 1876, Bolstad, Sweden, died 1937
4. Karl Eld-Andersson - born 1846, Bolstad, Sweden, died 1922, Grassflat, PA
5. Anna Kristina Eld - born 1878, Bolstad, Sweden, Died 1955, Greensburg, PA
6. Esther Eld - born 1893, Grassflat, PA, Died 1970, Indiana, PA
7. Mollie Eld -- born 1890 - Peale, PA, died 1945, Pittsburgh, PA
8. Elin Eld -- Born 1895 - Grassflat, PA, died 1971, Indiana, PA
9. Adolph Eld --born 1876 - Bolstad, Sweden, died 1957, Grassflat, PA
10. Maya Lisa Till Eld - born 1851, Bolstad, Sweden, died 1936, Grassflat, PA
11. Oscar Eld -- born 1881, Bolstad, Sweden, died 1965, Jamestown, NY
12. Elmer Eld -- born 1884, McIntyre, PA - died 1963, Indiana, PA.

These are my Great-grandparents and 10 of their 12 children. The oldest child died in infancy in Sweden and the next oldest, Erik Eld, is for some reason absent from this family photo!

Jennifer Hill Ertmer Granddaughter of Adolph Eld and Great-granddaughter of Maja and Karl Eld-Andersson of Bolstad, Sweden, then McIntyre, Pennsylvania, then Peale, Pennsylvania and finally, of Grassflat, PA!

Baptismal Certificate from Peale: Gustaf Anderson, born February 1, 1890 - Robert Anderson.

Photos of Gustaf Anderson as a baby, ca. 1891 in Peale (left). Someone, partially hidden behind the chair, was holding Gustaf. The right picture is on the tipple where he served as part owner and manager of the Sylvan Coal Company, Grassflat, Pa. - Robert Anderson.

Photos from: Robert Anderson (bobande@flashlink.net)

Grandpa Anders Peter Anderson and Grandma Mathilda Blade Anderson: This photo is estimated to be taken in the 1885/6 era. Grandpa, a cabinet maker, left Malmo, Sweden to find a job in America and when he arrived found out they were hiring coal miners in Peale, Pa. and he was hired. He then brought Grandma and their daughter Agnes to live in Peale. They had to be among some of the first families in Peale - Robert Anderson.

The entire family of Anders Peter and Mathilda Anderson who emigrated in 1888 with daughter Agnes. The other children were born in Peale and the photo could have been taken in Peale - Robert Anderson.

Photos from: Robert Anderson (bobande@flashlink.net)

Cooper No. 2 Mine, ca. 1925: This is a mine scene at Cooper No. 2 Mine; Andrew Fiendberg is in the forefront and Dad Gustaf Anderson is the first one wearing a cap. Note the power lines overhead and the special metal cars that could be dumped without uncoupling. Dad permitted me at times to see this in operation - Robert Anderson.

Photo from: Robert Anderson (bobande@flashlink.net)

This is likely the Episcopal Church, Peale, ca. 1890s: Note the lack of trees surrounding the church - a much different case today! It is possible this church building was rebuilt as the Slovak Lutheran Church in Grassflat. Others believe a former Peale schoolhouse was rebuilt as the Slovak Lutheran. - Jeff Feldmeier.

Photo from: Charmaine (Nadzom) Myers

Peale Company Store, ca. 1885: This photo shows the carpenters who build Peale posing at the Peale company store - Jeff Feldmeier.

Photo from: Charmaine (Nadzom) Myers

Peale Company Store, ca. 1885: Another photo of the Peale company store. - Jeff Feldmeier.

Photo from: Charmaine (Nadzom) Myers

Peale Panoramic View, ca. 1890: This image of Peale seems to be taken looking in a northeasterly direction from south of Prospect Avenue on Peale's west side. The Episcopal Church is at extreme right in the distance. The road in the center distance going uphill to the left is likely Broadway Street. - Jeff Feldmeier.

Photo from: Charmaine (Nadzom) Myers

Images of Grassflat and other Places around Peale

Grassflat Baseball Team, 1911.

Photo from: Robert Anderson (bobande@flashlink.net)

Grassflat Baseball Team, 1911-15.

Photo from: Robert Anderson (bobande@flashlink.net)

Former Slovak Lutheran Church, Grassflat: This 5/21/99 photograph is of the former Slovak Lutheran Church located in the Dobreytown section of Grassflat - Jeff Feldmeier.

Photo from: Jeff Feldmeier (BeechCrRR@aol.com)

Grassflat School Children, 1889.

Photo from: Robert Anderson (bobande@flashlink.net)

Catholic Church Confirmation, ca. 1890s: More Anderson family history. Not 100% convinced of where that church is (possibly St. Severin's in Drifting, Pennsylvania - Jeff Feldmeier). However, our mother, Anna Evalin Folmar, is the little girl in the front row on the right. I'm not sure if we'll be able to find our who the others are, but we're trying. - Jim Anderson.

Photo from: Robert Anderson (bobande@flashlink.net)

These pages comprise an ongoing project to document, map, interpret, and memorialize the ghost company town of Peale Pennsyvania located along the Clearfield and Centre County (PA) boundaries in north-central Pennsyvlania.

Please contact j.b. krygier (jbkrygie@cc.owu.edu) with comments, input, or additional information.


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