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Directions to Peale, Pennsylvania

Please respect private property around Peale. Please do not destroy any relics: that is definitely NOT cool.

Take route 144 north through the town of Snow Shoe to the village of Moshannon

Continue straight on route 53 through Moshannon

Nine miles past Moshannon turn left at the sign for the village of Grassflat (a small white church is on your left)

Proceed through the village of Grassflat to the east end of town

Continue on a dirt road for one mile to Peale

The center of PEALE is marked by two small cabins and a barn near a hard bend in the road.

Map copyright J.B. Krygier, 1998.

These pages comprise an ongoing project to document, map, interpret, and memorialize the ghost company town of Peale Pennsyvania located along the Clearfield and Centre County (PA) boundaries in north-central Pennsyvlania.

Please contact j.b. krygier (jbkrygie@cc.owu.edu) with comments, input, or additional information.


Introduction: The Ghost Company Town of Peale, Pennsylvania

Interpreting the Geographies of Peale

by Casey McCracken and J.B. Krygier

The Beech Creek Railroad in the Peale, Pennsylvania Area

by Jeff Feldmeier

Peale Pennsylvania Manuscript Census

compiled by Ray Lyncha and Jeff Feldmeier

Project Peale: A Guerrilla Art Project

by anonymous geographers

Historical Information about Peale and the Tunnel Mines

Kyle Crichton: Peale's Most Famous Son?

Historical Images of Peale

Peale People

>>>Directions to Peale, Pennsylvania

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