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Geog 353 Laboratory Information

Last Update: 11/10/19

The core of Geography 353 is the project: you will locate relevant data, clean up and process the data so it can be mapped in ArcGIS (GIS and mapping software), and design and produce a series of maps based on the data. You will be astounded that you end up knowing how to construct HTML pages, containing the project maps, which will be placed on the WWW. The WWW! !!

Science Center & GIS Lab Access:

After Hours access: Students in Geography 353 have OWU ID card access to the Science Center after hours. I will also provide students with after-hours access codes for the GIS lab.

Lab Exercises

Note: If a lab does not have the current semester's date, then it is not updated!

Lab 1: Locating Mappable Data on the WWW

50 points
ASSIGNED: Wednesday August 28
DUE: Wednesday September 4

Lab 2: HTML & Map Mashups

100 points
ASSIGNED: Wednesday September 4
Progress on HTML DUE: Monday September 9
DUE: Monday September 23, with in-class demo of HTML pages (end of class meeting)
DUE: Wednesday September 25: all of Lab 2
Visual Guide to HTML: basics of HTML

Lab 3: Data Processing: Part 1

50 points
ASSIGNED: Monday September 23
DUE: Monday September 30

Lab 4: Introduction to ArcGIS

30 points
ASSIGNED: Wednesday September 25
DUE: Wednesday October 7

Lab 5: Linking data to Base Map, Data Processing Part 2

50 points
ASSIGNED: Monday September 30
DUE: Wednesday October 7

Lab 6: Mid-Project Evaluation

100 points
ASSIGNED: Wednesday October 2
DUE: Review of Fellow Student's Web Site on Wed October 16 @ 2:18pm
DUE: Mon October 21 (4:18pm)

Lab 7: Data Classification and Mapping

100 points
ASSIGNED: Monday October 14
DUE: Wednesday October 23: Choropleth ("graduated color") classification
DUE: Wednesday October 30

Lab 8: Layouts and File Export

50 points
ASSIGNED: Monday November 4
DUE: Monday November 20

Lab 9: Cartographic Animation

50 points
ASSIGNED: Monday November 11
DUE: Wednesday November 20

Lab 10: Lab 10: Final Project Evaluation

100 points
ASSIGNED: Wednesday November 13
DUE: Google Doc (let me know when shared) or PDF or Word Doc to Krygier by end of scheduled final exam period.

Lab Project in-class Presentations Monday December 2. Complete project due Wednesday December 4


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