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Last Update: 11/11/17

This course schedule will be updated as the semester progresses.

Lecture outlines, accessed by clicking on the lecture name in the schedule below, will be revised prior to lecture.

Note on the lecture outlines and exams: This course is not as much about memorizing stuff as about thinking about stuff. I suggest you attend class, listen, ask questions, and take notes. Don't print out the lecture outlines, you can get at them anytime you want online. Take notes that supplement the notes online: the stuff I say which clarifies or adds to the materials printed or shown on the lecture outlines. The lecture outlines are not a substitute for attending class or taking your own notes.

Readings Abbreviations:
KW means readings Krygier and Wood Making Maps, 3rd ed. text.
M means readings from Monmonier How to Lie with Maps, 2nd ed. text.

Digital Submissions Guide

Geography 222 Library Resources for exercises.

Week 1

Week 1 Readings: KW Beginning book stuff & ch 1 (How to Make a Map) & supplemental "What's A Map?" category at blog; M Forward, Introduction

Mon. Autgust 21: No class meeting
Wed. Autgust 23: Introduction to Course
Fri. Autgust 25: Yikes. Instructor's physical presence unexpectedly absent.

Week 2

Week 2 Readings: Wood's "LynchDebord"; Wood's "Narrative Atlas of Boylan Heights," & quickly review Geography 222 "Fall 2011 Psycho-Sensory Projects" & Geography 222 "Spring 2011 Psycho-Sensory Projects"

Mon. Autgust 28: Map People
Wed. Autgust 30: Map People (cont.)
Fri. Septermeber 1: Mental Maps & PsychoGeographies

Week 3

Mon. Septermeber 4: No class meeting: Happy Setermeber!
Wed. Septermeber 6: Review & Assign Mapping PsychoGeographies

Assign: Exercise 1: Mapping PsychoGeographies
Fri. Septermeber 8: Mapping PsychoGeographies: Field work: Instructor available 11-1pm

Week 4

Week 4 Readings: KW ch 2 (What's Your Map For?) & supplemental "Why are you Making Your Map" categories at blog; M ch. 2 (Elements), Appendix

Mon. Septermeber 11: Paperless Class Workshop & Digial Submissions Guide
DUE: Update on Exercise 1 group progress (in class)
Wed. Septermeber 13: Mapping PsychoGeographies: Field work: Instructor available 11-1pm
Fri. Septermeber 15: Demo PsychoGeography Maps
Due: Exercise 1

Week 5

Week 5 Readings (also for Exam 1): M ch. 5 (Maps that Advertise), ch. 6 (Development Maps), ch. 7 (Propaganda Maps), ch. 8 (Defence Maps), ch. 9 (Large Scale Maps).

Mon. Septermeber 18: Review & Assign Exercise 2: Finding Maps
Assign: Exercise 2: Finding Maps
Wed. Septermeber 20: Cartographic Maps
Fri. Septermeber 22: Cartographic Maps (cont.)

Week 6

Week 6 Readings: KW ch. 3 (Mappable Data) & supplemental "Mappable Data" category at blog

Mon. Septermeber 25: A Cultural History of Maps
Due at 1:07pm: Exercise 2
Wed. Septermeber 27: A Cultural History of Maps (cont.)
Fri. Septermeber 29: Geographic Data
Assign: Exercise 3: Mappable Data on the WWW

Week 7

Week 7 Readings: KW ch. 4 (Map Making Tools) & supplemental "Map Making Tools" category at blog; M ch. 12 (Multimedia).

Mon. October 2: Geographic Data (cont.)
Wed. October 4: Computers and Mapping
Fri. October 6: Computers and Mapping (cont.)

Week 8

Mon. October 9: Review and Assign Exercise 4
Due at 9:04 am: Exercise 3
Assign: Exercise 4: Mapping & GIS Tools
Wed. October 11: Fall Break
Fri. October 13: Fall Break

Week 9

Week 9 Readings: Readings for Exam 1: Muehrcke, Munby, & Borges.

Mon. October 16: Assign Exam 1
Assign: Additional readings for Exam 1 (see Week 9 readings above) & Exam 1
Wed. October 18: oops.
Fri. October 20: Map Projections
Due at 9:38 am: Exercise 3

Week 10

Week 10 Readings: KW ch. 5 (Geographic Framework) & supplemental "Geographic Framework" category at blog

Mon. October 23: Map Projections (cont.)
Wed. October 25: The Peter's Map Projection Controversy
Fri. October 27: Map Coordinate Systems

Week 11

Week 11 Readings: KW ch. 6 (The Big Picture of Map Design), ch. 7 (The Inner Workings of Map Design), ch. 8 (Map Generalization & Classification), ch. 9 (Map Symbolization), ch. 10 (Map Symbol Abstraction); M ch. 3 (Map Generalization) & ch. 4 (Blunders)

Mon. October 30: Map Coordinate Systems (cont.)
Wed. November 1: Map Abstraction
Fri. November 3: Map Abstraction (cont.)
Due at 8:58 am: Exercise 4

Week 12

Mon. November 6: Map Abstraction (cont.) & Mapping Your Own Data
Due at noon: Take-home Exam 1
Assign: Exercise 7: Mapping Your Own Data
Wed. November 8: Mapping Your Own Data: Working Groups and Project Ideas
Due: Working Groups & Project
Fri. November 10: Exercise 7 Halp & Work Time: Instructor available 11-1pm
DUE by email Friday, November 10 @ 1:04pm: One Page Description of Project & Data (see description of what I need in Exercise 7)
DUE by email Friday, November 10 @ 1:06pm: Project URL: while editing your map, click on share then send me the URL after Link to Share

Week 13

Mon. November 13: Exercise 7 Halp & Work Time! Instructor available 11-2pm
Wed. November 15: Updates on Exer 7 progress & and assign Final Take Home Exam
Fri. November 17: Exercise 7 Halp & Work Time!
Assign: Final Take Home Exam

Week 14

Mon. November 20: Thanksgiving Break
Wed. November 22: Thanksgiving Break
Fri. November 24: Thanksgiving Break

Week 15

Mon. November 27: Exercise 7 Halp & Work Time! Instructor available 11-1pm
Wed. November 29: In-Class Presentation of Exercise 7 (part of Ex. 7 grade)
Due at 9:02 am: Exercise 7
Fri. December 1: In-Class Presentation of Exercise 7 (part of Ex. 7 grade)

Week 16

Mon. December 4: TBA
Wed. December 6: TBA
Fri. December 8: Course Conclusions

Week 17: Finals Week
Final Take-Home Exam Due: End of scheduled final exam period


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