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Geog 222 Lecture Outline: Computers and Mapping
Update: 10/6/17


Computers have had and continue to have a major impact on mapping

We can still make maps by hand...but

There is very little non-computer mapping anymore

A question to ponder: what is the future of the paper map?

Today and next few lectures: An Overview of Computers and Mapping

Computers and Mapping

Two very broad categories:

Map Images

Map Images: a digital equivalent of a printed map

Maps connected to Databases:

Most common: a digital link between a spreadsheet/database and a digital map

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Geographic Information Science (GISci)

Pre-Computer GIS: The fundamental ideas behind GIS were established before computers existed. Computers make GIS analysis much easier to perform, but GIS does not absolutely require a computer

Classic example of pre-computer GIS: Ian McHarg: Using GIS to locate a new road (Design With Nature, 1969)

There is an important human and social component of GIS: it is not only hardware, software, and concepts of spatial analysis.

Defining GIS

GIS developed out of a diversity of software applications:

GIS is defined in two broad ways: GIS and GISci

1. GIS as geographic information systems (GIS) an integrative set of technologies: combine the functions of the different software packages above into one package

2. GIS as geographic information science (GISci): the theories and concepts behind geographic information systems

GIS Jargon:

A few things to keep in mind about GIS...

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