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Geog 222 Lecture Outline: Introduction to Course
Update: 1/12/18

What is it?

But be carefull...

  • Pareidolia and Cartocacoethes

  • This course: Geography 222: The Power of Maps and GIS

    Making maps as ancient activity familiar to many different cultures

    Technological changes and effects on maps and mapping

    Maps kill!

    ...or, at least, Maps seem to invade your privacy...

    No matter how much we know about mapping (long history, different cultures)

    Discoveries with Maps: Plate Tectonics

    Discoveries with Maps: Dr. Snow and Cholera

    Map of Broad Street area in central London (Soho)

    Two classic examples of the power of maps and mapping

    They help us look at the world and human and physical phenomena, in ways which help us to understand and make sense of such phenomena

    Maps Shape How we See the World

    Peters World Map Projection

    Mercator World Map Projection

    Orthographic World Map Projection

    Enough said.

    How has our image of the world been shaped by maps?

    Using Maps to Change the World

    Making Maps, introduction (pp. i-xviii) ...
    The power of maps and GIS...

    This course: introduction to the fundamentals of maps and mapping, some history, new technologies, and the impact of maps on humans

    Also prepare you for more advanced courses in cartography and GIS

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    All information, syllabus, schedule, exercises, lecture outlines...

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