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Geog 222 Exercise 2: Finding Maps

Revised: 9/18/17

ASSIGNED in class Wed. February 7
DUE Mon. February 19 at 1:07 pm

Exercise Worth: 50 pts

Geography 222 Library Resources for exercises.

Digital Submissions Guide for exercises and exams.


1. Define your home for this exercise (and future exercises): (5 pts)

You will be collecting and creating a mess of maps and information about a particular place you are familiar with in this and future exercises: home. You will compare your personal knowledge of your home with the way the place is represented on maps, providing a bit more of a critical perspective on how maps show us some version of the world.

Some of you may not have been born and raised in the US. You can use your non-US home for many of the exercises, but will have to choose a second home in the US for a few exercises where we are using data only available for the US. Select a place in the US you have spent some time in, enough to know the area a bit. If you have not lived in any area of the US besides Delaware, you can consider Delaware your second home.

Even if you were born in the US, you may have moved around. Select one of these homes - the one you feel you know the best, or care about the most. It is important that you know something about the place you decide is your home for this exercise - it should not be a place you are completely unfamiliar with. Please talk to the instructor if you have any questions about defining your home!

2. Topographic Maps of your Home on the WWW (20 pts)

WARNING: Many WWW map sites depend on sophisticated WWW technology that can be slow or break down. Expect delays and sites that are temporarily not working. You may also be using a computer or internet browser that is not compatible with a particular mapping WWW site. Be patient! If a site is not working, revisit it at a different time or use a different computer. Given such potential problems, please do not do the exercise at the last minute. Contact the instructor at least 48 hours before the due date if you are having persistent problems.

"Topographic Map" defined at Wikipedia

Over the past decade the USGS (United States Geologic Survey) has made an effort to make its detailed topographic maps of the US available in digital form. You can still order paper maps, but most are decades out of date. Instead of ordering a paper map (which we have done in the past in this class), you will download a series of digital topo maps, the most recent and also the oldest version available for the area around your home (as defined in the previous section).

You will save two or three high-rez topographic maps, so make sure you are working on a computer you can save files on, then upload to your shared folder in Drive.

International Students: You have two options: find topographic maps of your US home or we can try to find a topographic map from around your actual (non U.S.) home.

Terrific Option 1: U.S. Students or International Students who want to use your US Home for this part of the exercise:

Open and review the JPEG. Find your home on the map - or as close to it as you can. If the map is older than the age of your house, it won't be on the map, but you should be able to find its approximate location.

Open the KMZ in Google Earth. The same map should show up over the top of the Google Earth imagery. The map is put under Layers and in the Temporary Places folder. If that folder is not already open, open the folder.

Go back to the TopoView site and find an older topographic map of your home area. This may be a 24k map, but if there is not an older version, you can use a 63K scale map. This is a map that's approximately the same size as the 24k map, but includes 4 times as much area. Four 24k maps fit in one 63k map. Again, download a JPG and KMZ.

Terrific Option 2: International Students: It is not always possible to find detailed topographic maps of every country, but we can give it the ole' college try. See what you can find on the two sites below. You can also Google "topographic map" and "online" and "your country" if you don't find anything at the sites below.

Because the map files are large, don't include them in their entirety in your exercise. Instead use the Screen Capture feature on your computer to save an area around your home from each map. See the Digital Submissions Guide for details.

3. Finding Five Maps of your Home using Online Library Resources (25 pts)

There are a significant number of maps that you won't find with a basic Google search. An array of search tools, available through the library, provide access to these maps.

  1. Please use online OWU Library research tools to locate and find four maps and one library resource (book, article, etc.) of the area around your home. International students may find maps of your actual or US home.

  2. Please ask for help if you are having difficulty finding appropriate maps.

  3. Try to find the most detailed (large scale) maps you can. Old maps are fine.

  4. Don't choose a USGS topographic map, as you found several in part 1 of this exercise.

  5. Don't choose copies of Google (or other online map service) maps.

  6. Type 2 pages: Include a screen shot of the map or part of it. Provide the appropriate citation for the map. Document the search strategy you used to find the map (e.g.., what key words or subject headings did you use). Note any problems you had. finally, briefly describe the map.

Details for your Search

1. CONSORT: One Map of Home:

2. OhioLINK: One paper library resource related to Home:

3. OWU Databases: Two Maps of Home:

4. Summon: One Map of Home:

Exercise 2: Sum:

Please format your exercise so that it reflects the different sections above. Include headers (eg., "3. Finding Maps of your Home using Online Library Resources") before each set of maps and answers. Embed scans and digital images in appropriate locations (not all at the end or in separate files). Review the Digital Submissions Guide if you have any questions, or contact your instructor. Turn in about 6 pages + images total.


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