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Geog 222 Exercises

Last Update: 1/20/20

You need a computer with access to all of the internets to complete the following exercises. You may use the Department of Geology and Geography GIS and Computer Mapping Lab (Science Center 207) for course exercises. If you need help with completing any of the exercises, please contact your instructor who may be delighted to assist you.

Difficulties completing exercises due to computer or internets problems are not a valid excuse for late work! All exercises have sufficient time between assignment and due dates for you to find a different computer to use and/or get assistance from your instructor. Remember: you are not as smart as you are, so don't be afraid to ok.

Exercises will be updated prior to assignment, and may differ substantially from the prior semester's exercises. Make sure there is a Fall 2018 date on the exercise otherwise it hain't been updated.

Digital Submissions Guide

Geography 222 Library Resources for exercises.

Exercise 1: Mapping PsychoGeographies

ASSIGNED in class Wed. January 22
DUE in class Fri. January 31: group update on progress
PRESENT: group presentation of project in class Wed. February 5

Exercise 2: Finding Maps

ASSIGNED in class Fir. February 7
DUE Mon. February 17 at 1:07 pm

Exercise 3: Mappable Data on the Web

ASSIGNED Wed. February 19
DUE Fri. February 28: at 9:04 am

Exercise 4: Mapping & GIS Tools

ASSIGNED in class Fri. February 28
DUE Fri. March 6 at 9:38 am

Exercise 5: Map Projections

Not assigned this semester.

Exercise 6: Census Atlas of Home

Not assigned this semester also

Exercise 7: Map Your Own Data

ASSIGNED in class Wed. April 1
MEET in class Wed. April 1: Working Groups and Project Ideas
DUE by email Fri. April 3 @ 1:04pm: One Page Description of Project & Data (see description of what I need in Exercise 7)
DUE by email Wed. April 8 @ 1:06pm: Project URL: while editing your map, click on share then send me the URL after Link to Share
DUE By 9:02 am Wed. April 22: Exercise 7 Due
PRESENT Wed. April 22: In-Class Presentation of Project


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