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This is the 'real' copy of the schedule. Please watch here for any updates or changes in the course schedule (which I will also announce in class).

Readings for each week should be completed by the first meeting of that week (on Monday).

Lecture outlines, which can be accessed by clicking on the lecture name in the schedule below, will be revised prior to lecture. Each lecture outline has the date of last revision at the top of the outline. Unless a August 2005 or later date is noted, the outline is from the previous year and is not updated. I will do my best to finalize all revisions and updates to the lecture outlines a week before lecture.

Note on the lecture outlines and exams: students who take notes along with the lecture outlines, then rewrite their notes and the lecture outline materials do the best on exams. The lecture outlines are not a substitute for attending class or taking your own notes!

Last Update: 12/5/05

Week 1

Week 1 Readings: McKnight ch. 1 (Intro. to Earth), Middleton ch. 1 (Physical Environment)

Mon. August 29: Introduction to Course
Wed. August 31: Introduction to Earth's Physical Environment
Fri. September 2: Introduction to Earth's Physical Environment (cont.)

Week 2

Week 2 Readings: Middleton ch. 2 (Human Environment), 3 (Sustainable Development), Centralia PA Handout

Mon. September 5: Labor Day: No class meeting
Wed. September 7: Introduction to Earth's Physical Environment (cont.)
Fri. September 9: Introduction to Human/Environmental Interactions

ASSIGN: Centralia, Pennsylvania reading

Week 3

Mon. September 12: Intro to Human/Environmental Interactions (cont.)

DUE: 1 pg summary of Centralia, Pennsylvania reading
Wed. September 14: Intro to Human/Environmental Interactions (cont.)
Fri. September 16: Intro to Human/Environmental Interactions (cont.)

Week 4

Week 4 Readings: McKnight ch. 2 (Portraying the Earth)

Mon. September 19: Introduction to Course Project

ASSIGN: Choosing a Middleton chapter and focus topic for Course Project
Wed. September 21: Portraying the Earth
DUE: Middleton Chapter choice for Course Project (email to Krygier)
Fri. September 23: Portraying the Earth (cont.)

Week 5

Week 5 Readings: McKnight ch. 3 (Atmosphere); Middleton ch. 11 (Climate Change)

Mon. September 26: Introduction to Earth's Atmosphere
Wed. September 28: Introduction to Earth's Atmosphere (cont.)
Fri. September 30: No class meeting (instructor at NITLE advisory meeting)

Week 6

Week 6 Readings: McKnight ch. 9 (Hydrosphere); Middleton ch. 6 (Oceans)

Mon. October 3: Introduction to Earth's Hydrosphere

Wed. October 5: Introduction to Earth's Hydrosphere (cont.)
Fri. October 7: Selecting a Focus Topic and Review for Exam 1

DUE: Written Critical Summary of Middleton Chapter, must include THREE potential focus topics
DUE: Brief Presentation of Focus Topics for Course Project (if time)

Week 7

Mon. October 10: Exam 1
Wed. October 12: Finding Focus Topic Sources w/ Librarian Deb Peoples
Fri. October 14: No class meeting: Appointments w/ Librarian Deb Peoples (as necessary; email Deb Peoples for appointment)

DUE: Final Focus topic + 3 preliminary sources (email to Krygier by 5 pm)

Week 8

Week 8 Readings: McKnight ch. 13 (Landform Study), ch. 14 (Internal Processes)

Mon. October 17: Mid-Semester Break
Wed. October 19: Introduction to Landform Study
Fri. October 21: Internal Processes

2nd CALL! DUE: Final Focus topic + 3 preliminary sources (in class)

Week 9

Mon. October 24: Annotated Bibliography Workshop
Wed. October 26: Internal Processes (cont.)

DUE: Revisions of Final Focus topic + 3 preliminary sources (due in class)
Fri. October 28: Internal Processes (cont.)

Week 10

Week 10 Readings: McKnight ch. 15 (Weathering, Wasting), ch. 16 (Fluvial); Middleton ch. 14 (Erosion), ch. 8 (Rivers, etc.)

Mon. October 31: Weathering, Wasting, and Erosion
Wed. November 2: Fluvial Processes
Fri. November 4: Fluvial Processes (cont.)

DUE: Revisions of Critical Summary of Middleton Chapter (if needed)
DUE: Focus Topic Paragraph + 6 Sources (cited correctly)

Week 11

Week 11 Readings: McKnight ch. 17 (Karst), ch. 18 (Arid), ch. 19 (Glacial)

Mon. November 7: Improv. Project Source Workshop
Wed. November 9: Project Synthesis and Presentation Skills and Karst and Hydrothermal Processes
Fri. November 11: Desert and Glacial Landforms

Week 12

Mon. November 14: Desert and Glacial Landforms (cont.) and Review for Exam 2

DUE: Annotated Bibliography of Focus Topic Sources (with revised Focus Topic sources if indicated)
Wed. November 16: Exam 2
Fri. November 18: No class meeting

Week 13

Mon. November 21: Thanksgiving Break
Wed. November 23: Thanksgiving Break
Fri. November 25: Thanksgiving Break

Week 14

Presentations: No Makeup Presentations! Powerpoint or other presentation materials Must be loaded on computer prior to start of class. See Presentation Skills for details.

Mon. November 28: Presenting: Casey-Leininger, Hudina, Shiotani, Ginsberg
Wed. November 30: Presenting: Dote, Kentner, Barkari, Miracle
Fri. December 2: Presenting: No One! Horrible Technological Disaster!

Week 15

Mon. December 5: Presenting: A. Bryar, Perkins, Rodda
Wed. December 7: Presenting: Schott, Stiassni, Kleinman, Kras
Fri. December 9: Presenting: Hunter, Hall, Corbett, J. Bryar

Week 16

Mon. December 12: Presenting: Foote, Sinclair, Milder, Narwicz
Wed. December 14: Presenting: Riley, Ervin, Mayer, Schroeder and Course Conclusions

DUE: Project Synthesis (due in class)
Fri. December 16: No Class Meeting

Week 17: Finals Week: Nothing! Have a nice break!


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