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Geog 111 Lecture Outline: Introduction to Course
Update: 8/29/05

Introduction to Course

Chippewa Moraine WI: Glacial Landforms

The Four Earthly Spheres

State College PA: Ridge and Valley Landforms

Raitz Map: Pennsylvania Ridge and Valley Region

First goal of this course is to instill an appreciation of landforms - in the US and beyond, through understanding the physical processes that shape these landforms

Quarry in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Anthracite Coal Mining Landscapes, Pennsylvania

Second goal of this course: to introduce you to some major environmental issues and concerns

Since the 1960s: explosive growth in concerns about human relations to our environment in many different fields

Evolution of environmental science: traditional fields such as geology, biology, botany, meteorology with a focus on the environment

Evolution of environmental studies: involves basic scientific understanding, but broader: pull together elements from the diverse environmental sciences

This course

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