Geography 222: The Power of Maps and GIS

Spring 2020: Independent Study

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Maps are seemingly mundane but essential and powerful tools. Digital maps on the World Wide Web and in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allow more people to make and use maps to analyze data in sophisticated ways. GIS applications are found in business, the natural sciences, the social sciences, urban planning and management, and scores of other fields. Geography 222 is an introduction to maps and cartography, with an emphasis on their role in GIS and on the WWW. Major topics include data sources, the map abstraction process, map infrastructure (scale, projections, reference systems, accuracy), map types, use, and interpretation. Course material covers technical and social issues as well as applications. Students will make many different kinds of maps over the semester using WWW map-making sites. Geography 222 serves as an introduction to courses in cartography and geographic information systems (GIS) offered by the Department of Geology and Geography, including Geography 353: Cartography and GIS, and Geography 355: Geographic Information Systems.

Course Prerequisites: None


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