Geography 111: Introduction to Physical and Environmental Geography

Offered Fall Semester

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Krygier is not currently teaching Geography 111. Materials here are from the fall of 2005.

Our environment is dynamic and ever-changing, constantly modified by natural processes and human activities. Geography 111 is a hybrid course with two interconnected foci: First, the course reviews important natural environmental processes, and the visible effects these processes have on the landscape: the purview of Physical Geography. Second, this course reviews related human induced changes in the environment, modifications of natural processes, and the results: the purview of Environmental Geography. Taken together, Physical and Environmental Geography help us to understand how natural and human processes drive constant changes in the environments we live in. Geography 111 serves as an introduction to courses in Geography, Geology, and Environmental Studies at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Note: This is a different version of Geography 111 from that taught by Dr. Hickcox. Please see Dr. Hickcox for information on his version of Geography 111.

Course Prerequisites: None


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