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Urban greenways and recreational paths have become a vital part of the development plans of many cities, offering an alternative means of transportation as well as recreational opportunities and the green, open spaces that many people want in their neighborhoods.

The City Of Delaware (Ohio) Recreation Department, community members, and students and faculty in the Ohio Wesleyan University Department of Geology and Geography have collaborated to develop a detailed proposal for a recreational path system for the City of Delaware. The project involves researching, mapping, and analyzing (using Geographic Information Systems and GPS) a system of bicycle paths that connect neighborhoods, schools, commercial areas, and recreational facilities throughout the city.

The City of Delaware Recreational Trails Project has benefited all involved: students are learning GIS and mapping technologies in a 'real-world' application, as well as learning about the trails and urban planning process in general. City residents have received technical and research assistance from OWU faculty and students, enabling them to complete their vision for a comprehensive system of Recreational Trails in the City of Delaware. Finally, the City of Delaware has gained a detailed plan for a project seen as having a very important and positive impact on the quality of life in the City of Delaware.

In the spring of 2003 this project was expanded to encompass the entire county. Included in the project is an additional and related project: mapping 'green spaces' in the county. The Delaware County Ohio Trails and Green Spaces map is a preliminary attempt to begin a comprehensive overview of existing and potential trails and green spaces in the county.

Last updated: 1/8/04

History of the Collaboration

Importance of the Collaboration

Necessary Components of GIS Community/University Collaboration

Some Interesting Issues resulting from the Collaboration

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